Immigration to Christchurch

Emigrating to New Zealand



Firstly Immigration New Zealand have a fantastic website that can answer the majority questions & queries . It is updated on a regular basis so all the information provided is current.  It explains about the NZ banking & tax systems, where to live, schooling and the health system among a lot of other very useful information that will make your move to our lovely country a pleasant one.  Other websites of use will be: contains everything you need to know about living in this wonderful city. is an online site where you can view current rental properties suitable for longer-term.  This site also allows you to view cars, furniture etc. is a free online events calendar for Christchurch and Canterbury, New Zealand and is provided by the Christchurch City Council.

Here are some helpful basic tips to get started in NZ:

1. HOUSING :  Rental houses in NZ don’t usually come furnished. In some cases,“whiteware” (fridge, washing machine etc) are provided. You may need character references to provide to landlords. As a short term option for your arrival there are ‘serviced apartments” – these are self-contained apartments which operate similarly to a hotel but they have full kitchens so that you can self-cater. This is probably not ideal for longer term as the rates vary from $180-250 per night. It can be a good option for the first weeks until you find something more affordable and suitable for you or your family.

2. CAR – can help you with this.  The process for buying a car in NZ is that you can buy off individuals or direct from registered (RMVD) car dealers.  It is usually recommended that you get what is called an “AA Check” – AA is Automobile Association and insurance companies which have people look over your car and can tell you what work may need doing to it. Vehicles must all have a current WOF (this stands for Warrant of Fitness) and Registration.  When you purchase a car from someone or a dealer you need to change the ownership details – this can be done at the Post Office.You should also insure your car – there are several insurance providers you can Google.

3. SCHOOLS. is the website for the Education Review Office – they provide you with a summary of the ‘performance’ of every school in NZ in terms of ‘results” and also the socio-economic background of its students.

Some schools require you to be ‘zoned’ in their area – i.e. live in the surrounding suburbs in order to attend. Some don’t but this could mean a longer commute for your children. Some schools are publicly funded, whereas others are ‘private’ and require the parents to pay.