Managing Your OE

1. Planning for and initiating for the OE

As an Accountant or Financial executive most tend to move either after qualification or after some ‘post qual’ experience traditionally in commerce and industry, however, there is no fixed rule on this and providing you have the relevant technical and commercial experience ( coupled with a visa if required), Kiwis tend not to be out of work for too long.  It does pay to plan before, so book a meeting with us as we are here to help you ….

  • Is anything extra in my current job that I can do to make myself more employable?
  • Start building a CV that is current and best sells your professional profile
  • Start thinking about location. London is traditionally the obvious choice for a Kiwi due to work and lifestyle but other cities can traditionally offer a more English/British cultural experience i.e Edinburgh. Manchester and Birmingham to name but a few. We can offer insight into this
  • Get a feel for the market and the economy.
  • We can also make introductions to credible Accountancy and Finance recruitment agencies that can ‘start the ball rolling’ before your arrival

2. Making the move

Speak to us again before you move. We happy to ….

  • Recommend how to build and structure your CV to suit the market or industry you are targeting
  • Advise what roles and industries will suit your career and employability for when you return to Christchurch, i.e. Financial services in London pays well but it does not transfer to Christchurch as well as some other industries and roles.
  • Advise you on how to deal with Agencies. There are hundreds of different recruitment a
  • gencies to potentially engage. It helps to know the good ones from the bad.

*Wherever possible, leave with a reference (on paper if possible), as time zones make reference checking tricky

3. Returning back to NZ

It pays to be proactive and we recommend engaging ourselves 9-12 months before your return. By doing this we can…

  • Undersand where you are at professionally (and personally) to educate you on your options
  • Keep you updated on the market and what sort of salary you can expect to command
  • ‘Keep an eye out’ on potential roles that could fit or even better have that ‘wow factor’
  • Organise Skype and telephone interviews whilst you are overseas.

Around a third of Kiwis who are proactive like this can often have a job secured before they arrive!!