Relocating to Christchurch



Relocating to Christchurch


Working in Christchurch and New Zealand

Accounting and Senior Finance candidates immigrating from the likes of the UK, Australia, Europe, Ireland, Canada etc. tend to bring with them some desirable technical experience coupled with transferable skills and competencies.  However, making the move can be stressful and challenging.  Wherever possible we try to help you with this. So if you are planning to make the move either on your own or with your family, we can help!

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Wherever possible, we strongly recommend you explore your options.  NZ immigration is a good starting point.

If this is an option that you are seriously planning make contact or call us.  We are well positioned to offer advice on your working and living options. Providing counsel and insight into areas such as working opportunities, cost of living, lifestyle, earning potential, timeframes, the local Christchurch economy plus much more.

If you are serious about moving it will take time, financial resource, and commitment.  If you can’t offer all three, you will find it even more challenging.

Preparing to move

It pays to be proactive and we recommend engaging ourselves 6- 9 months before your arrival. By doing this we can…

  • Understand where you are at professionally, and personally, to educate you on your options
  • Keep you updated on the market and what sort of salary you can expect to command
  • ‘Keep an eye out’ on potential roles that could fit or even better have that ‘wow factor’ 
  • Recommend how to build and structure your CV to suit the market or industry you are targeting
  • Potentially organise Skype and telephone interviews whilst you are overseas. This can often help to secure a job or potential offer before you arrive!!


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