Why profile?

Privately Owned Business

The founding managers work within the business.  We do not have demanding external shareholders and therefore customer service and client maintenance are equally as important as profit.  The bottom line is not the only line.


From the moment you hand us an assignment until the moment the candidate walks through your door for an interview, we represent the face of your company. We are only too aware of this and will represent your company with integrity, confidence, passion and if necessary in a confidential nature.


Free Service

We only charge businesses a fee for the recruitment service when the successfully appointed candidate has formally started with their new employer. We ask no business for a retainer as we are confident in our ability to find you the right person.

If you are being asked to pay a retainer before you have even interviewed or offered the position, you could be taking a huge financial gamble.

You wouldn’t pay for a new car until you have viewed and test driven it would you?!

Helping Managing your brand within the local Christchurch labour market

Whether you are actively recruiting or not, managing your brand within the local Christchurch labour market is essential to ensure you attract the right people when you are looking.

As a client we help ensure local candidate goodwill is not just maintained but built upon over time.

Local Candidate Network – Christchurch

We have been in the local market for a long time. One of our founding reasons behind our success is our network with Christchurch candidates. Although we advertise on Seek, we do not rely on it.

We pride ourselves on well fostered relationships with our candidates. As a result of this we capture passive candidates who don’t actively use Seek.

We are also the 1st ‘port of call’ when many of these people start their accounting and finance job search also.

Value Added Services

We pride ourselves on being able to offer tangible feedback on both the local economy and the local market providing you relevant and current information to help you stay well informed and make sound decisions. See our recent Christchurch Accounting Salary survey

Tailored Approach

Dependent upon the role (confidentiality, urgency, level of hire within the business etc) our experienced accounting and finance recruitment consultants can offer you impartial advice on the best route to market for you and your business.

With a variety of attraction strategies available, we can present tailored expert solutions to suit your needs and budget.