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Profile boasts an extensive local network of clients, jobs and candidates across the finance, accounting and administration fields. This allows our salary database to provide an accurate and continually updated snapshot of salary information, salary trends, and general labour data. This salary information is readily available for Canterbury employees and employers within each industry.

Whether you are manager within a business, HR, or an employee it is important to fully understand average salary information in context of your role, team, industry sector or business. We recommend contacting us to discuss this information in detail for more tangible role sizing and insight. You can directly access our annual or quarterly salary information.

For further data on average salaries for those in long term positions see:

Salary Information and Data by Position

From our extensive experience of facilitating and delivering a successful recruitment process, we understand the title or position of a role only half dictates salary information. Factors such as years of related experience, length of service, company salary banding’s, organisational size, and job accountability are some of the key elements for salary data reporting.  These combined factors help us build the salary information and average salary data that is available within our annual Labour report.

Senior Finance Salary Data

Financial leadership roles across Canterbury and the wider South Island tend to be in lesser volume in comparison to standard finance and accounting. As a result, senior finance salary information tends to be based within a broader bracket and often has more elements to the overall package such as bonus, shares and health insurance. For available Senior finance positions please see our job vacancies or contact our Senior finance recruitment team.

Accounts and Administration Salary Data

Accounts and administration roles are readily available in most sized businesses sand salaries can often increase or decrease by 25% depending on the company and the size of the role. For available accounts and administration positions please see our job vacancies or contact our accounts and administration recruitment team.

Public Practice Salary Data

Public practice positions tend to be split into 4 or 5 role sub-categories across 6 levels of seniority and experience. For available accounts and administration positions please see our job vacancies or contact our public practice recruitment team.

Canterbury Finance, Accounting and Administration Labour Market Statistics

In Canterbury, the qualified accounting and senior finance labor market traditionally and consistently shows an equal and healthy market split across most positions and appointments while finance manager and controller appointments have recently increased year on year.

Public Practice year on year follows a similar consistent pattern within the job market. Resulting in a large demand for Business Accounting Service and Professional Corporation accountants with no signaled decrease in the demand for these position types within the Canterbury region.

Accounts and administration is more difficult to analyse due to Accounts Officers and Clerks making up almost 60% of the market. Due to the smaller and more intimate size of the local Christchurch economy, the need for these positions often requires more skilled generalists. As a result, it is also easier for employers to generically categorise these roles as many accounts and administration vacancies with this title are often similar to an accounts payable or receivable role.

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